Team Zelo

Team Zelo is an example platform design for a technology that is built to connect brands with their biggest fans and to keep them engaged. Team Zelo was a brand that the team came up with to help show how the platform comes to life with a custom design, challenges, and prizes. I was tasked with designing all the challenges, prizes, sliders, page elements, mobile layout, and emails.



Hey, I'm Randall. I'm a designer who likes to learn new things. I chose web design as a career because it is an ever evolving, creatively challenging field; I love that design thinking can be applied to many areas of discipline. In addition to web design, I like to tinker. My hobbies range from building gadgets with Arduino, to making music with Ableton Live. I'm always pushing myself to acquire new knowledge and keep my creativity sharp as this helps me approach my work in new and interesting ways.

  • Skills

  • Web Design
  • HTML, CSS, Sass, Compass
  • Enough Javascript to be dangerous
  • Print Design
  • Tools

  • Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Sublime Text
  • GitHub
  • Pencil & Paper